Dominik Lang
Who's riot.dom?
Dom? That's me. A cinematographer-camera-assistant-lighting-photographer and post production guy.

I started taking photos and filming early in my life and did it ever since. Facinated by a variety of photographers and directors I started to study still and motion picture at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology. I found my passion for impressive lighting and thrilling compositions – well planned and thought-out. The diversity of every challenge and the possibility to create something new and unique makes me love what I do.

What can i do for you?
Here is my passion. I already filmed serveral music videos, commercials, short-films and did live camera.
camera assist
Working with precise attention to detail, agility and speed is great about camera support. No matter if it's pulling focus, maintaining managing and rigging the camera.
Light creates the atmosphere of a scene. Discovering the proper light setup is always a provoking challange.
Based on my passion for motion picture I love narrative photography. It is really amazing when a whole story is told trough one frame.
Filming on cinema cameras makes it necessary to generate a specific color mood for your footage. I could enhance my software skills in Blackmagic Davinci Resolve over several projects.
Even the best footage is useless without the right rythm of images.
motion picture
still picture